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Description en une ligne : What QoS step must occur before packets can be marked?

Description : Quality of service (QoS) consists of the following key components:

  • Classification— Classification is the process of distinguishing one type of traffic from another based upon access control lists (ACLs), Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP), Class of Service (CoS), and other factors.
  • Marking and mutation— Marking is used on traffic to convey specific information to a downstream device in the network, or to carry information from one interface in a device to another. When traffic is marked, QoS operations on that traffic can be applied. This can be accomplished directly using the set command or through a table map, which takes input values and translates them directly to values on output.
  • Shaping and policing— Shaping is the process of imposing a maximum rate of traffic, while regulating the traffic rate in such a way that downstream devices are not subjected to congestion. Shaping in the most common form is used to limit the traffic sent from a physical or logical interface. Policing is used to impose a maximum rate on a traffic class. If the rate is exceeded, then a specific action is taken as soon as the event occurs.

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